Poetess in Residence

Poetess in Residence

Friday, January 21, 2011

Fast approaching my moment of clarity

Make Me Moonlight
Sometimes life is so hard
How do we last each day without weeping
God you spread strength among us
and we don't realize it is there
until something overcomes and we see
I know I can't understand it
but now I sense part of that mystery
some eternal comprehension overwhelms me
and in the night I am broken before you
lost and seeking your truth
but I don't know the questions to ask
Oh Lord my heart is full
and my tears overflow
time and changes seem so frightful
and make me timid and yet
somehow more brave- because I know
only you have the answers
and I know you love me and hold me close
Please calm my mind and quiet my soul
make me moonlight
a reflection of the Son.

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