Poetess in Residence

Poetess in Residence

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas cheer, melancholy and sorrow

Gazing out onto the silver ribbon of river
My thoughts drift to worrisome woes
Loved ones battling grief, indecision and the creeping footsteps of death
As holiday chatter mingles with the everyday bustle of life
My heart is torn - between levity and anguish
The darker emotions feel heavy while the joyful ones, sparkly and fine
Must we choose?
What will we lose?
An answer to these tragedies are often too difficult to define.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Bygone prose of yore (circa 2006)

I wish that the kindred spirits of the world could appreciate and believe in their amazing gifts.  That they could view their lives and realize that even through the sorrow and pain, they have so much to look forward to.  In each person's heart is a precious dream that grows and changes, sometimes it almost disappears.  In that dark time when the epiphany light is dim... and hope fades in the dying summer sunset, truth still sparkles.  Even if it is but a speck in the vast ocean, it can greatly influence the world around it.  The trouble starts in the realm of doubt, where those special few are beaten and battered by the broken fools with careless words and actions.  And the handful of kindred spirits wither in the wind... while a few escape with only partial memory of who they are.  But instead of giving up, they have the strength to survive.  Imprinted with their destiny yet unable to decipher the code.  In the echo of negative voices their silence proves more meaningful.  And again, doubt creeps in to have its way.  Still I know the strength of fear is no match for a loving prayer.

Friday, December 10, 2010